A November 28, 2012 episode of The Dr. Oz Show was devoted to reparative therapy, "forms of therapy that are designed to turn a gay person straight", all of which have been directly rejected by the mainstream mental health professions. The broadcast featured Julie Hamilton, a representative of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), which offers reparative therapy, and also had guests who condemned it. Three of the groups who were consulted for the show — GLAAD, GLSEN, and PFLAG National — issued a joint press release repudiating the episode just after it aired. The press release, calling NARTH "a splinter group of anti-gay therapists/activists", criticized the episode for starting with two segments of the show featuring proponents of reparative therapy without challenge, then introducing the NARTH representative as an "expert", and providing no opinion by Dr. Oz on the subject, which the press release authors characterized as causing the audience to be "misled to believe that there are actual experts on both sides of this issue". The press release also stated that "GLSEN would not have participated in The Dr. Oz Show had we known that NARTH would be represented". Oz responded in a blog post, mentioning the opposition of respected medical organizations to the practice of reparative therapy, and saying that "if we want to reach everyone who might benefit from understanding the risks of this therapy, you have to present multiple perspectives. " He also said that he agreed "with the established medical consensus", that he had "not found enough published data supporting positive results with gay reparative therapy", and that he was concerned about "potentially dangerous effects when the therapy fails". Oz also pointed out that "the guests who appeared on my show on either side of this debate agreed that entering into any therapy with guilt and self-hate is a major error. "

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Mehmet Cengiz Oz ( Turkish:  [mehˈmet dʒenˈɟiz øz] ; born June 11, 1960), [1] better known as Dr. Oz , is a Turkish-American [2] [3] [4] cardiothoracic surgeon and professor at Columbia University , pseudoscience promoter, [3] author and television personality . [4]

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