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Cysteine (abbreviated as Cys or C ) [3] is a semi- essential [4] proteinogenic amino acid with the formula HO 2 CCH(NH 2 )CH 2 SH. It is encoded by the codons UGU and UGC. The thiol side chain in cysteine often participates in enzymatic reactions, as a nucleophile . The thiol is susceptible to oxidization to give the disulfide derivative cystine , which serves an important structural role in many proteins . When used as a food additive, it has the E number E920 .

Cystine is the oxidized dimer form of the amino acid cysteine and has the formula (SCH 2 CH(NH 2 )CO 2 H) 2 . It is a white solid that is slightly soluble in water. It serves two biological functions: a site of redox reactions and a mechanical linkage that allows proteins to retain their three-dimensional structure . [1]

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