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Drug: Morphine Sulfate Extended-Release Strength: 200 mg Pill Imprint: N 200 Color: Brown Shape: Elliptical / Oval

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Can we find the extraordinary in every day? “Why do some people become authors, and some of those whose life is full of excitement don’t?”. Maybe you’ll answer to that saying that truly writers have a special gift, and others not. But is it just the gift of making your thoughts lay perfectly on the paper makes the audience re-read their favourite books? Or the immense imagination of the author? Maybe. But sometimes the usual events in the usual sentences of the ordinary life make us admire some works. Why? That is because the author can see unusual in things everybody else will never notice. We all are always busy, we rush through the day. We go at work, to the shop, to the chemist’s, we are in a hurry to come home. And here we are, at home, with our gadget in the hands. So that is the way our days pass. How’s that come that we rarely look at the sky and see its colour or let ourselves observe the last leaf to fall while going through our rough day? As for me, I’m as the most people not used to appreciate little things around. But sometimes, when tired, I’m walking along the streets, after the long hard day, the quiet voice in my head whispers: “Look, that’s a beautiful dog running there! Look at it! The colour of its hair is so beautiful!”. And usually I ignore that voice thinking then: “Why should I pay attention to it when I’m so exhausted?”. Nevertheless, this small observation, this little detail makes me feel happier than earlier. And I’m sure that such details you can see every day, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. However, we’d rather make ourselves miserable than let something unusually beautiful come into our life. Look! You are going home, there are two children laughing, their clear voices cut the air. Right in front of you there is a bakery, and you have a pleasant tickle in your nostrils from the smell of freshly baked scones . And maybe there goes a young girl in the very beautiful coat, helping you to make a wish for your birthday present. Or another example. You talk to your parents every day, but usually the topics touch upon some daily routine. Have you ever asked your parents to tell you the most exciting or funniest moments of their lives? Perhaps, no. Well, do that. People who are around for years may suddenly surprise us. The truly artists can see the beauty all around. So do you. Without any doubt, this experiment is easier to advise than to follow. And it’s possible that tomorrow myself I will be running along the streets without looking around until some beautiful dog runs under my feet trying to catch the last autumn leaf.