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A TXT record (short for text record ) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) used to provide the ability to associate some arbitrary and unformatted text with a host or other name, such as human readable information about a server, network, data center, and other accounting information. [1]

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Getting married. The crucial point is that when people attempt to find a suitable match they face lots of obstacles and the biggest obstruction both for males and females is that they are constantly trying to imagine their perfect couples and they relish those images that`s why it`s really hard for all of them to find a suitable match. Statistics claim that there are some traditional as well as alternative ways to meet your beloved one. Generally, what happens most is getting acquainted through friends or at a workplace and actually it is the safest way as you can inquire some information about the person you like. Alternative ways (such as friends, ads in newspapers, social networking sites, singles’ groups and so on) sometimes appear to be dangerous. The more you try to find a partner the more disappointed you get in the process. People just should take it a little bit easier due to the fact that real love tends to come unexpectedly when you don`t wait for it. It’s common knowledge that there are two main types of marriages: marriage by love and marriage of convenience, and there’s a great deal of discussion if the former is really so much better than the latter. The first argument in favour of marriage by love is love itself and the bond, which is emotional-based. What comes next is the desire to have children from this person and the great opportunity of having a really happy family with lots of fond memories in the future. As regards marriage of convenience, the main argument in favour of this type of marriage is excellent financial support which provides a woman with opportunity to travel a lot, to make a career or to be labour free. Unfortunately, even made in heaven marriages can experience certain problems and come close to nodivorce. Most commonly, it happens when many couples add children into the mix, most parents soon neglect or completely forget that they are a couple. There is evidence to suggest that there are some effective ways of saving the relationship that is going sour. First and foremost, it would be a good idea to put yourself in your spouse`s shoes and try to understand what`s wrong. Secondly and specifically, you can discuss with your partner your current conflicts. Thirdly, we should listen to what he or she has to say about what is going on. And finally, one of the best tools to understand that your relations deserve preservation is having a day of memories. You can watch together your photos and remember happy moments.